So as much as I dislike seeing this pop up on my screen when I sit down to get some work done, I am happy it occurred today. Sometimes you just think the universe is looking out for you. After yesterday’s happy post, I looked out the window today to see the same type of weather we have been having for weeks…rain, clouds, gray, gloom, and more grey gloom.



Getting to what I am thankful about though, today is a good day for an update! If this had started on me yesterday, it would have taken a very long time over a carrier frequency. It would have felt like the days of dial-up past:)

Positively wishing for nicer weather!! Signing off…


Who says you have to work indoors?

It was too beautiful to stay inside typing for the entire day. Grabbed some drinks, food, MacBook, and the child and headed to the lake. If you must type, do it with some style!

Didn’t bring the usual arsenal of photo equipment with me either. Made due with just my phone and ingenuity. Also, thanks to the phone being a personal hotspot, I shall endeavor to be outside all season (weather permitting lol).

Sorry indoor hobbies…you may be on the back burner until another seasonal shift!! Must be careful how I say that. With the way weather patterns are around here, this could be considered as taunting the universe…and I wouldn’t want to do that.