The Sun has returned to my little corner of the globe!!

Upgraded some equipment. Moved near the water, not a lake or ocean like I wanted but I can hear the water running and sometimes the train! Also, still playing around with the switches and things. This is going to take more time than expected and I look forward to it:)

So, without further wait, some more shots!!


The Sun sets


Mother Nature at her greatest!

Tree stones

Old cemetery in the woods


Self explanitory!


Perfect end to an evening.



The weather is getting warmer and I get a bit more “frisky”

Summer/Spring has finally arrived! I say both because as of right now I can get sunny with high eighty-degree weather one day and then forties, rain, and windy the following day. Mother Nature just has not made up her mind on what she wants. This isn’t new behavior for her either. Just after the extended long winter we had, it has become a bit frustrating. More positive note: I have been making good use of the weather! I have been more active enjoying the outdoors and maybe even shooting a bit more.