How does one step out of themselves and describe themselves to strangers?  I wish I could just take a day and in a surrealist fashion, follow myself around for that time just to see how others view me to get a better perspective on just what I should be writing for you here.  But in all reality, I cannot do that so I will share with you my own perspective, as limited and one-sided as that can be.  We know ourselves on such a limited basis and our journey is such a work in progress that we are forever changing, progressing, or as I would like to think; transforming on many levels! I have a strong spiritual side. I like to practice introspection daily (or as often as I can) to find out more about myself and to enhance my growth both mentally and spiritually. I am an artist and enjoy photography. For example, I like to use my photos along with other media in my work (business and personal). I adore symbolism and use it often in my art and writing.  Philosophy and Psychology are hobbies/passions of mine and consider myself quite the “Jungian”.  I grew up on Carl Jung’s writing and use it often for my personal introspection growth and study! I enjoy meeting those from all walks of life and cultures.  I like to meet people on a spiritual, mental, and sensual level.  When two people can meet on this level, the chemistry is mystical. As mentioned above, I am a work in progress.  If by some crazy chance, you care to know more after reading this small portion of my mental soul, then I look forward to your thoughts. Enjoy!! nikon-1033958_1280