Photograpghy with switches and things!

With all of these switches and do-dads, I could play with just one photo for hours and never think I have it right. Every little tick here and tink there, and I find some more tweaks that I want!! Oh, the joy of being an artist. You’re never happy and everyone loves it just the same…



Just where was I?

I mean really? What are you doing when you stumble into a place like this?Test oneThis is just some of the little treasures I find while out exploring some of my many passions. I expected this to be some kind of rough biker bar or worse before I walked in. It was just an average place with average people and more than a few of those came with badges in their pockets. What might look like a dangerous spot to stop and get a beer turns out to be probably the safest spot in town. Little things like this remind me to take a chance and do some exploring. If I had just kept driving on than old dusty road, I would’ve missed this.