Overcast…the not so friendly sky.

Most people wouldn’t try to photograph nature on a day with such a thick overcast. I am not like most people. Although, I would love each and every single photo I take be perfect. I am smart enough to know that is just impossible. Also, where would the fun and challenge be? On that note, I seem to have lost all sun altogether behind some rather robust clouds. Judging from the sky (with my expert meteorology skill…lol) I don’t think I will get any usable light for hours. This will end today’s excursion seeking new images for the files. Now I pull up a bench, steam some toons, and type and catalog away. I estimate this process won’t last long as the sun is hidden and WOW! is it cold out here all of the sudden with just a light breeze? Signing off…



A beautiful fall day!

It has been some time since I have just relaxed at the park with the family. Found a table in the shade and working on some photos taken before and some a few minutes ago. I have stated before and I won’t give up, I would love to live by the water in some fashion. I live in a place where a five to ten-minute drive can give me the fix but to be able to have a cup of morning caffeine overlooking this scene, would be ideal. I also enjoy the idea of taking photographs for fun! Odd concept these days but I’m a traditionalist.

If I never made another nickel of the photos I took, I would still be happy each and every time I clicked the shutter. I also know there are individuals out there with a similar mindset. There are also those who think the opposite. I never want it to be just a job. I have done things in the past that I really enjoyed and the moment that it was turned into some kind work/career, the joy seemed to slip away. That has not happened to my love for photographic art and I intend to keep it that way!

IMG_1692This delicate little leaf fell right next to my camera as I was typing!