Overcast…the not so friendly sky.

Most people wouldn’t try to photograph nature on a day with such a thick overcast. I am not like most people. Although, I would love each and every single photo I take be perfect. I am smart enough to know that is just impossible. Also, where would the fun and challenge be? On that note, I seem to have lost all sun altogether behind some rather robust clouds. Judging from the sky (with my expert meteorology skill…lol) I don’t think I will get any usable light for hours. This will end today’s excursion seeking new images for the files. Now I pull up a bench, steam some toons, and type and catalog away. I estimate this process won’t last long as the sun is hidden and WOW! is it cold out here all of the sudden with just a light breeze? Signing off…



Working without AC can be a good thing.

Thank the heavens for this beautiful weather allowing me and so many others to vacate their four walled offices/prisons. I was made aware of today’s weather by yesterday’s forecast. This prompted me to get all my stuff together and fully charge up the MacBook once again! There is something truly refreshing about a change of scenery while completing the usual tasks.

I really feel that more work places could increase productivity if they gave some of their employees the option. A few days a week, work from…wherever! If there are no presentations or any other kind of mundane meeting, then does it really matter if we are encaged between four walls? The goal is to get the work done not get the work done at a specific set of coordinates, is it? Speaking of meetings, another thing business could really change is the reason for meeting. I cannot count the number of meetings I have attended that wasted an hour or more of my day that could have been composed into a nice three to four paragraph email. I truly believe some of these people hold these unnecessary meetings to prove their worth. “Look at me. I’m doing something. Keep that paycheck coming.” Ok, end of rant!

Back to the serenity that is my desk at the moment. Squirrels are racing up and down trees. My kid is playing hide-n-seek with the children of others visiting this summer glade. With only a few puffy white clouds, the sky is mostly draped in the classic blue. It’s like having a second holiday. Back to the task at hand…


So as much as I dislike seeing this pop up on my screen when I sit down to get some work done, I am happy it occurred today. Sometimes you just think the universe is looking out for you. After yesterday’s happy post, I looked out the window today to see the same type of weather we have been having for weeks…rain, clouds, gray, gloom, and more grey gloom.



Getting to what I am thankful about though, today is a good day for an update! If this had started on me yesterday, it would have taken a very long time over a carrier frequency. It would have felt like the days of dial-up past:)

Positively wishing for nicer weather!! Signing off…

Who says you have to work indoors?

It was too beautiful to stay inside typing for the entire day. Grabbed some drinks, food, MacBook, and the child and headed to the lake. If you must type, do it with some style!

Didn’t bring the usual arsenal of photo equipment with me either. Made due with just my phone and ingenuity. Also, thanks to the phone being a personal hotspot, I shall endeavor to be outside all season (weather permitting lol).

Sorry indoor hobbies…you may be on the back burner until another seasonal shift!! Must be careful how I say that. With the way weather patterns are around here, this could be considered as taunting the universe…and I wouldn’t want to do that.